Terms of service

Please read the following instructions carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions about the shopping instructions, please ask for confirmation before purchasing. Before enjoying the shopping process, please read the following instructions carefully to understand our shopping process and shipping method better.

▲Payment method: online credit card

▲Official website shopping gold discount method

1. The bonus to the personal registration account due to the official website activities can be used to offset the products on the official website; the products that cannot be discounted will be specially marked on the product page for identification and confirmation.
2. There will be no change, exchange for cash or exchange for other virtual and physical currencies for the bonus.
3. The bonus can only be redeemed once, and cannot be used in multiples; if the purchase amount is less than the shopping credit, the remaining amount will be kept in the personal account after the current discount, and it will be discounted again until it returns to zero in the next shopping.